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Search by postcode in our Journey Planner

National Rail Enquiries has introduced the ability to plan journeys to or from a postcode in Great Britain.

What does this mean?

Whether you're travelling to see a friend, business contact, or other destination and you don't know which rail station is best - all you need is the postcode to make your travel plans. We will give you the ability to choose which station you want to travel to or from, once you input your journey.

How does it work?

In the Journey Planner in either the From or To boxes, simply type in the postcode you wish to use, fill in the other From or To box with your origin or destination as appropriate, tell us when you'd like to travel, and if you want a return journey.

When you click Go, our system will work out three initial journey options:

  • the nearest station to your postcode
  • the nearest main station (if the first station isn't a main one) or the second nearest
  • a third alternate station that takes into account various factors including other train companies, or connecting routes

Postcode journey planning

For each of those stations we'll tell you how far that station is from your postcode, how much you can get tickets from for your chosen date(s) and times and what the quickest journey time is. You can click on the tabs to move between the stations and choose the journey you want.

What's more - you'll also have several pages of alternate stations which you can browse through to find the right journey for you.

Once you're happy, just click on the Buy button, and we'll pass you over to the relevant ticket seller for the journey you've selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we've been asked about the postcode planning process, which we'll add to following your feedback.

Can I plan between two postcodes? 

At this stage, it's only possible to plan either from or to a postcode.

What if I don't have the full postcode?

If you have the street address, you can look up the postcode for your destination using the Royal Mail postcode finder.

How do I get between the station and the postcode?

If you visit the station page for the station that you choose, you can view local bus, taxi and parking information.

How do I contact you about this?

You can contact us directly through our comments form, or you can ask us a question on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

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Last updated:   12 March 2013