On the Train

Find information on what customers can expect on-board the different types of train in use across the National Rail network.

Train Companies run many different types of trains across the rail network, offering a range of facilities.

All trains offer Standard class seating and all trains and stations are non-smoking (including e-cigarettes).

On-board Facilities

Some Train Operators offer additional on-board facilities such as:

National Rail Journey Planner

Our Journey Planner shows what facilities are available on the train you are planning to use. Click the button below to begin searching for your journey.

On-Board Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and power points for laptops and mobile phone chargers are available on most long-distance trains, and newer short-distance carriages, ideal for when you are on the move.

See our On-Board Wi-Fi page for details for each train company.

On-Board Travel Information

Modern trains are equipped with visual information displays and automatic announcements are made to keep you informed throughout your journey. Some on-board displays will show onward travel stsus for connecting services (including the London Underground), location and availability of toilets, the current time and, on some trains, a weather forecast for the day.

Our Assisted Travel pages give details of on-board facilities that may help to make your journey easier.

*Some on-board catering facilities have been amended or suspended, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Check the icon in Journey Planner results for the service you are travelling on.

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Last updated:   06 July 2021